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Dainty Disc Necklace - 1/2"

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Customize your necklace with names or initials to add meaning to your everyday look. This personalized necklace is the perfect addition to your dainty jewelry collection. 

Customizing options include: 

  1. Adding a name/word in the San Serif font along the bottom.
  2. Adding initials/smaller words (max 4 characters) in the Spice font in the middle.
  3. Choosing one of our specialty symbols with a special significance to you.
  • Personalize by including what you would want laser engraved or hand stamped.
  • Available in .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled.
  • Free shipping on all orders $50+. All Custom orders are final.
  • A great option for layering with other necklaces.