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Rightly Royce + Elysium Hope

Elysium Black Diamond, a luxury brand with a presence in over 800 jewelry outlets across Canada and the United States, has embarked on a new initiative to spread hope and positivity with its latest mission, Elysium Hope. The primary goal of this program is to locate individuals who have faced tragic events in their lives and offer them hope once again.

Elysium takes great care to identify one deserving individual every month, listening intently to their unique story before sharing it across its social platforms. Through this sharing, Elysium Hope aims to raise awareness and bring people together to support those in need.

Elysium Hope does not limit itself to storytelling. The brand also pledges to donate a portion of each sale made by Elysium Black Diamond towards helping these chosen individuals.

This means that every purchase made from Elysium Black Diamond, or its partners, not only brings home a timeless piece of jewelry but also makes a significant difference in someone's life. Furthermore, Elysium will provide monthly updates on how these donations have impacted these chosen individuals, and showcasing the positive impact of its customers' purchases.

Now, Elysium Black Diamond and Rightly Royce have joined forces to achieve the mission of Elysium Hope. Together, these companies are leveraging their collective resources and expertise to identify individuals who have faced tragic events and help them find hope and positivity in their lives. By combining their efforts, Elysium Black Diamond and Rightly Royce are making an even greater impact in the lives of those in need.

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